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About Us

What is Genesis Mind Care?

At Genesis Mind Care we believe a foundational component to overall wellbeing is Brain Health.  When the brain is healthy, it is producing neurochemicals naturally that keep our moods in a balanced state called homeostasis.  Deep depression, mental trauma, high anxiety or chronic insomnia in any combination can throw this homeostasis out of control. 


Our goal for each client is to help them on the journey to becoming well and whole again.  Using the Nexalin therapy, we provide a natural means to restore the balance to the neurochemicals and subsequently to the neuroelectrical system of the brain.  When neurochemicals are replenished overall brain function and wellbeing are improved.


Approximately 60% of our clients have a total life-changing experience by completing a series of Nexalin Therapy sessions.  An additional 20% to 30% of our clients have a significant life-enhancing experience.  Every single person can benefit from a series of Nexalin therapy sessions.  


At Genesis Mind Care we believe there are three key components to overall wellbeing: Physical or Brain Health, Emotional Health, and Spiritual Health.  When all of these areas are in alignment a person can be all they were intended to be.  

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Mission Statement

To provide advanced drug free treatments that enable our clients in overcoming barriers to experiencing a renewed optimism and a better life.

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