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Recovery Model

Brain Health Centered Substance Abuse Recovery Model

Have you ever wondered why many addiction treatment programs have limited success?

Mostly everyone associated with the substance use disorder industry agrees on one fact - addiction is a brain-based disease. This includes medical professionals, researchers, counselors and psychiatrists. However few treatment programs address the brain-based disease. The traditional focus is on behavior and community support (looking at the physical, emotional and spiritual).


Our approach is different.  The foundation for the Genesis Mind Care Substance Use Recovery Model is Brain Health.  Along with Brain Health, we also address Behavior, Thought Processes and Community Support.

Brain Health

Targets the Physical Imbalance of the Neurochemicals

Addictions cause a significant imbalance in the brain's neurochemicals.  While addiction may start as a choice it quickly becomes a brain-based disease.

We utilize brain health testing and the highly effective Nexalin stimulation therapy to help the brain to naturally rebalance neurochemicals providing a foundation for effective recovery.  Balancing neurochemicals helps provide relief from withdrawal symptoms and cravings.  The Nexalin Therapy is administered by a certified Nexalin technician.


Targets the Emotional and Behavioral Conditions

Substance use disorders have a root cause.  Effective counseling can assist each client in uncovering and addressing these root causes.

Our licensed addiction counselors will help each client identify root causes and develop plans to provide a path for recovery.  Recovery is a process and our experienced counselors will support you as you make this journey.

Cognitive Life Skills

Targets Thought Processes, Readiness to Change and Relapse Prevention

The path to substance use disorder involves a series of decisions.  Another key component to recovery is having cognitive awareness of the implications of each of our decisions.

Our Cognitive Behavior Therapy involves the use of a series of proven highly effective Life Skills courses.  Each course is designed to be completed independently with periodic reviews with a Life Skills coach.

Ongoing Support

Targets Relapse Prevention and the Recovery Environment

Having a support system in place will help ensure long term sobriety and success.

An individualized aftercare plan is developed for each client based on their specific needs.

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