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See What Our Clients are Saying About Us
Jan G.My experience with Nexalin was very positive. I did not have a serious problem with depression and anxiety but it was a continuing problem to a certain degree. I found that after each treatment I felt much happier and was able to make important decisions with more clarity. I have recommended this treatment to many friends and colleagues.


Both of my sons did the Nexalin treatment and achieved excellent results. One had very serious depression and social anxiety. He has been able to stop taking Zoloft and Xanax,  is much happier, and is able to adjust to even the most difficult social situations. It really  has been a miracle for him.

Eric D.  - Our 16 year old son was suffering from severe anxiety, panic attacks and depression. He was on multiple medications which actually created horrible side effects and other difficulties. Many times he couldn't make it through the school day. We tried everything to help him; Chinese medicine, acupuncture, chiropractic care, functional medicine, supplements, CBD products and diet change. We saw minimal benefit if anything. Someone recommended Nexalin. We were skeptical, but desperate for a solution. Our son had fifteen treatments in five days (Three treatments per day). The results were impressive. After the first day of treatments, our son had relief from anxiety. Later in the day the anxiety would came back. After all fifteen treatments, our son was seeing great results. He continued to see improvements even after the treatments ended. He still has some anxiety, but it is manageable and he is off all medications. He recently returned for five additional treatments which has helped him even more. To us, our son is completely different. More outgoing, medication-free, goes out with friends and generally more enjoyable. We highly recommend trying Nexalin.

Anonymous - The results I’ve experienced from Nexalin therapy have been truly life-changing. As a disabled veteran, I had been dealing with worsening symptoms of PTSD and anxiety disorder. Within a single month, this treatment put a stop to all of the issues and mental anguish I had been dealing with for so long. Although I was pessimistic at the start, I quickly realized that Nexalin therapy works, and the effects have been long-lasting. I thank God every day for Genesis Mind Care and my Nexalin journey to healing! 

Jhonikwa - Noticeable improvements:  Anxiety, Fear, Nightmares, Physical Pain, Depression, Anger/Rage, Headaches, Mental Focus, People Interaction, Energy Level. 
“I can enjoy family time.  Sleep way better without the horrible dreams (nightmares).  Finally went to a family function and enjoyed myself without the anxiety kicking in.  I don’t feel rushed or overwhelmed.  I can plan my day a little easier.  When things don’t happen as they should, I don’t get aggravated like I use to and yes I recommend this to anyone.”

Mary  Noticeable improvements: Anxiety, Depression, Mental Focus, Indecisiveness, Insomnia

"I have noticed the biggest change in my depression and anxiety. I have felt more motivated and determined to make the right decisions. I am no longer craving drugs. I sleep on a normal schedule. In the past I dreaded seeing the sun rise. The thought of a "new day" brought tightness in my chest, but now I wake up and look forward to reading and starting my day. I'm looking forward to a healthy future."

Breasia - Noticeable improvements:  Anxiety, Fear, Nightmares, Indecisiveness, Depression, Mental Focus, Energy Level.
“Before my Nexalin treatment I would always feel fear and have really bad nightmares. My excuse would always be maybe it’s the sugar. I was very indecisive and had trouble focusing. Sometimes depression would kick in. But now, now that I’ve done something so amazing to change my mental ways. I feel so much better! I can focus! I can complete task! I have more patience. I think first before responding. I no longer have nightmares. I sleep better at night. I’m in control of my own actions and mind! Thank You Nexalin!”

Lorraine - Hello my name is Lorraine.  I am writing my personal testimony in the prayerful hopes that it will help someone suffering from depression, insomnia or anxiety.  I basically suffered unspeakable trauma as a child.  I suffered with depression mostly for 47 years.  During these years I was treated by Psychiatrist with many different psychiatric medications that just didn’t help, Therapists for talk therapy and had electroconvulsive therapy on 2 separate occasions.  Ten years ago I attempted to commit suicide.  I was truly tired of hurting and was unable to see any positive changes happening in my life or my future.  During the past few years I have gone through some emotional traumas and once again I thought about suicide.  I decided because the electroconvulsive therapy had helped me for a time 10 years ago that I would try it again.  I admitted myself into a local psychiatric hospital in July and went through a series of treatments.  This time the treatments did not help me.  Every day I would pray to the God who I wondered through the years ever heard my cries for help.  I would beg him to help me or take me.  Most of my life I felt as though I just existed.  It was so hard to have fun because I was so miserable.  My prayers were finally answered during the past month and my life has totally changed for the better.  I just finished a series of Nexalin Treatments.  I now know that God was truly part of my miracle and I need to share.  It just so happen on a certain night Aubrey Junker President and CEO of Genesis Mind Care in Greensboro, NC was at a restaurant in the same town that my clients daughter Deana was having dinner.  They had a conversation about Nexalin Treatments and how it naturally helps people suffering with depression.  Deana told Mr. Junker that she knew someone who may be interested in this type of treatment.  That someone was me.  I talked to Deana on the phone as she told me about this new treatment and text me a copy of the brochure Mr. Junker had given her.  I was desperate because I was seriously considering suicide once again.  I contacted Mr. Junker and he was able to schedule me for 4 sessions on Saturday.  I was so excited after I spoke to him.  Although there are 2 location closer to me I just didn’t want to wait.  I drove the 3 hour round trip and had 4 40 minute treatments.  I did this every Saturday for 3 weeks. When the 2nd week started I felt great, had no feelings of depression, tons of energy, wanted to talk all the time about how great I felt, and had no brain fog.  All I can think about are positive changes I want to make to my life and for once live life instead of just existing.   I was also able to quit smoking after 41 years and totally changed my diet.  This process has totally blown my mind and people who have spoken to me are amazed in the changes.  I have lost so many relationships through the years because healthy people find it difficult to be around people who are depressed.   I still tear up when I really think about how much I suffered and how the powers to be connected me to this wonderful, natural treatment.  I had already paid for 15 treatments but did not feel I need the last 3 so I donated them to a friend.  During the time my friend was having his treatments I had the pleasure to get to know Mr. Junker and more about the business, its history and the stories of the people it has helped.  My understanding is that this treatment is also helping people with other brain related health issues.  Lastly I would like to comment on Mr. Junkers spiritual calming effect he had on me. I was totally impressed with the fact that his cell phone number was on his brochure and business card.  In the health care field that is just unheard of.  He was not pushy and listened and answered all my questions.  I truly felt he cared about me and others that he wants to help.  I will forever be indebted to God because he finally answered my prayers.  I just will never believe Deana meeting Mr. Junker at just the right time who had the right treatment that literally saved my life was a coincidence.  May God bless you as you seek out treatments for these health conditions.

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