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Nexalin Treatment for Anxiety

Are you suffering from anxiety? An Anxiety disorder or anxiety attacks can impact your personal and professional life. Anxiety can cause a variety of symptoms including changes to your mood, your energy level or even your physical well-being. It is important to get the treatment you need. You may think that an anxiety disorder must always be treated with medication, but this may not be the case. In many cases an effective alternative to medication is Nexalin therapy.


Anxiety Explained

You might think that anxiety is an abnormality, but nothing could be further from the truth. At one point or another everyone can feel anxious and this is usually caused by stress. It is the body attempting to deal with a tense situation by implementing the ‘fight or flight’ reaction. The issue for some people is anxiety can become more extreme and lead to difficulties functioning socially.


This can make small and large interactions in life difficult or even unbearable.


Signs of An Anxiety Disorder

A sign of an anxiety disorder may be occasionally suffering from anxiety attacks. These can last for a few seconds, several minutes, or even a couple of hours. There’s is no set time limit for these types of attacks and no set symptom list.


During an anxiety attack, you may experience heart palpitations, trouble breathing, dizziness, a feeling of floating or a sense of impending doom. It’s not uncommon for those suffering from an anxiety attack to feel as though they are about to die or that they are in danger. Anxiety attacks do not always have a recognized cause and can occur randomly. Anxiety attacks may also be linked to certain situations, environments and actions.



Nexalin therapy provides an FDA cleared all natural alternative to medications.  Utilizing a patented waveform Nexalin therapy balances the brain’s neurochemistry. Normally 15 individual Nexalin sessions of 40 minutes each are recommended.  If you suffer from anxiety, Nexalin therapy provides an effective alternative.


Contact us today and we will be happy to provide more information about this FDA cleared treatment and how it could benefit you.


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