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Nexalin Treatments for Depression

Nexalin is a form of therapy designed to treat depression that is FDA cleared, does not require the use of any brain-altering drugs, is safe, effective and non-invasive. Nexalin, therefore, represents a revolution in the treatment of depression, moving beyond the reliance on psychotropic chemicals deigned to manipulate the brain’s chemistry.


What Is Nexalin Treatment And How Does It Work?


Nexalin treatment is a fundamentally different kind of anti-depressive therapy. Unlike conventional therapies, Nexalin does not rely on the use of drugs in any form (although it can be used in combination with standard treatment). Nexalin therapy works by emitting a patented wave form that gently stimulates the Hypothalamus, helping to regulate and normalize the neurochemicals of the brain. This process induces a feeling of peace, happiness and well-being.


During Nexalin treatment, a trained Nexalin technician will attach patented electrode pads to your forehead and behind your ears. The pads will then be activated, and the brain stimulation will begin. Results from brain mapping shows that Nexalin treatment can manipulate the expression of delta, theta, alpha, beta and high beta brain waves. After Nexalin treatment, brain waves appear to be more balanced, leading to improvements in brain function.


What's so interesting about Nexalin treatment is its ability to adjust brain states across a wide range of everyday situations. Not only can Nexalin treatment help to reduce high-beta agitation, but also helps to balance the brain’s delta waves during sleep.


How Long Does Nexalin Treatment Last?


Nexalin is a non-invasive therapy. You’ll recline in a softly-lit room, and a Nexalin technician will apply the pads to your forehead and behind the ears. The treatment is soothing and highly effective. The Nexalin waveform is not detectable by your body’s sensory neurons, but it can have a profound effect on your brain chemistry, helping you return to emotional harmony.


Nexalin treatment sessions last approximately 40 minutes. Patients tend to respond best to two or more sessions per week, with research showing that a regimen like this helps to reduce self-reported symptoms of depression. The results of Nexalin therapy is long lasting.



Why Does Nexalin Treatment Work?

The hypothalamus is a small brain region at the base of the brain that controls overall mood. Nexalin treatment stimulates the hypothalamus, allowing the brain to heal itself.


Nexalin Is FDA cleared


Nexalin treatment has been thoroughly tested by the Food And Drug Administration and is proven both safe and effective.


Should You Choose Nexalin Treatment?


Nexalin treatment is a safe and non-invasive alternative to drugs. If you would like to take additional steps to manage your depression, contact Genesis Mind Care today. Remember, you can use Nexalin in conjunction with your prescribed medications. Most patients report relief from depression in just two to three weeks of treatment.


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