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Nexalin Treatment for Insomnia

Insomnia is a chronic, debilitating condition which prevents a person from getting the sleep that they need to function at their best in daily life. The roots of insomnia are complicated, but it is believed to be a result of the brain being in a state of persistent long-term stress and tension. Many treatments often involve taking powerful sedative drugs, some of which have problematic side effects. Nexalin therapy offers a safe and effective alternative.


Nexalin is an advanced therapy for treating insomnia that does not rely on drugs, is non-invasive, is FDA cleared, and has been proven both safe and effective. If you have insomnia and have tried all the conventional approaches to managing it with little success, then you may benefit from Nexalin therapy.


What Is Nexalin Treatment For Insomnia?


Nexalin therapy works by emitting a patented wave form that gently stimulates the Hypothalamus, helping to regulate and normalize the neurochemicals of the brain. This process induces a feeling of peace, happiness and well-being.


During Nexalin treatment, a trained Nexalin technician will attach patented electrode pads to your forehead and behind your ears. The pads will then be activated, and the brain stimulation will begin.


Nexalin appears able to manipulate two kinds of brain waves, delta and high-beta, both essential for improving sleep quality.


Brain maps of people undergoing treatment for insomnia show that Nexalin therapy balances both high-beta and delta brain waves. After receiving Nexalin therapy for two to three weeks, participants reported lower levels of agitation and higher levels of relaxation. Brain maps showed more balanced brain activity, leading to improvements in mood.


How Nexalin Therapy Works


Nexalin therapy is non-invasive and pain-free. You’ll sit on a comfortable recliner in a low-light environment. A trained Nexalin technician will then place small electrode pads on your forehead and behind the ears. Nexalin sessions last 40 minutes, and we recommend that patients complete two or more sessions per week.


Nexalin therapy works by stimulating the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is a small brain region near the base of the brain responsible for regulating mood. Anxiety and depression are highly linked to insomnia. Balancing the brain’s neurochemical system using the Nexalin therapy may help combat negative feelings that lead to insomnia.


Should You Try Nexalin Therapy For Insomnia?


If you are struggling with insomnia and standard treatments haven't worked as well as you would like, then Nexalin therapy offers a safe and effective alternative.


Learn more answers to your questions on our FAQ’S page.


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